The 25th year anniversary of my chiropractic practice is on 11/2/2012! Thank you to my Lord & Savior for all his gifts & blessings, thank you to my husband for encouraging me to take my 1st Directional Non-Force Technique seminar in NY in June 1988 when we were flat broke newlyweds and couldn't afford it, thank you to the late Dr. Richard Van Rumpt & his successor/my excellent teacher Dr. Christopher John from Beverly Hills, CA, thank you to my son's school Faith West Academy & Dr. Darren Chase of Katy, TX for introducing & encouraging me in Fascial Distortion Model Technique & to the late Dr. Stephen Typaldos & his son Alex Typaldos of Bangor, ME for giving me a private seminar on the technique, and thank you to all my wonderful patients who allowed me to practice on them through the years as I merged the best of both techniques together to form the technique that I have now come to call my own. May I continue to be a conduit and instrument of God's blessings to others in facilitating physical healing and relieving physical pain.

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In 2007 featured on KTRK-TV Channel 13 as one of Houston's 
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